Eons of War

A Soldier Falls, But Mission Complete

A long time ago in a land far far away…

Killian Sharpe, Feend Gurz and Germy Tanko found themselves staring down a skeletal warhorse with a skeletal rider on their way to the Farrow graveyard. The rider charged, quickly decapitating Killian. However, Feend and Germy managed to destroy the creatures with Feend shooting arrows from the brush and Germy battled the foes head on. After the battle, they hid Killian in the bushes and Feend heard stern words of disappointment from Neto to Killian.

The duo decided to continue on in search of the missing Glank Stonehand and the source of the undead uprising in Farrow. They entered the graveyard where they came under attack by two orc zombies. Both were slain and they found a map with several nearby villages crossed out, but Farrow circled. After further exploring the area, they entered the crypt to find a secret staircase leading down into a tunnel with a door at the far end. Feend determined that a glyph guarded the door, and they were able to bypass it.

Inside a large chamber was the body of Glank wearing a blue necklace with blue wispy tendrils surrounding him. Also on the floor lying dead was another orc. The tendrils seemed to move toward Germy and a flash from it brought the orc to undeath. Germy was able to break the necklace, but the orc had risen to fight. The two heroes managed to destroy the ghast and discovered several treasures in the crypt before departing…



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