Eons of War

Chasing the Enemy



TYPE: Routine
CLASSIFICATION: Constable (or above) EYES ONLY
FROM: War Wolves, ECHO Team:
Germy Tanko, Marshal
Killian Sharpe, Marshal (DECEASED)
Feend Gurz, Deputy Soldier
Fergus Balad, Acolyte

LOCATION: Village of Farrow, and surrounding area

Following the confrontation with a Horde raiding party earlier in the evening (See previous SITREP), ECHO Team members Germy Tanko and Fergus Balad retired to the Mallard Inn, to regroup and rest. As the newest team member, Balad was brought up to speed on the following occurrences:

  • The circumstances surrounding the death of Marshall Killian Sharpe
  • A magical amulet regained by ECHO Team
  • Possible reasons behind the appearance of the Horde raiding party

Suddenly, a citizen burst through the door and called for aid; the mayor’s house was ablaze. All rushed out to assist. After joining in the effort to control the flames, Marshall Tanko realized team member Feend Gurz was not present. Tanko called out for him to report, hoping he could supply some usable intel. Feend appeared (quite suddenly) and began to debrief the Marshall. Balad went to check on the mayor, who appeared to be recovering from smoke inhalation and heat exposure; concerned citizens surrounded them. The mayor explained his wife, Nioma, was still in the smoldering house. Fergus immediately ran in, followed closely by Tanko and Gurz.

Unfortunately, the mayor’s wife was found, deceased, in the basement safe-room. It was apparent she had been overcome by the heat and smoke of the fire {Preparer’s Note: Proper protocol was followed regarding disposition of her remains}. Upon returning to the mayor with the remains, he seemed to indicate the fire must have been set by the same orcs that had harassed the village earlier in the evening. The mayor spoke of an army member starting the blaze, and told the team members of an orc lair in the woods to the northwest of the village {Preparer’s Note: The mayor was, most likely, delirious from his recent loss, and obviously meant the Horde raiding party when he said ‘army’. Nonetheless, ECHO Team will remain vigilant for a larger Horde force in the area}. The War Wolves regrouped at the inn to discuss future mission plans. Also at this time, Fergus was presented the amulet for analysis. Using his basic theological training, he was able to identify symbols of necromantic origin upon the talisman. Further analysis, using spellcraft, will be conducted; expect results on next report.

The team took the next day to rest: Marshall Tanko spent the day in deep, prolonged negotiations with the local blacksmith to parlay for improved armor; Feend searched the village for supplies and intel; and Fergus located the remains of Killian Sharpe and rendered proper burial rites, in accordance with the doctrine of His Most Mighty, Neto.

On the following morning, the three departed Farrow on horseback, intending to locate the orc lair in the woods. Tanko took the lead as they entered the cover of trees. Soon after, the team was forced to dispatch a trio of minor earth elementals, apparently stirred up by restless spirits in the woods. Following this encounter, the team carried on. Balad was now in the lead, and after plodding deeper into the forest, he and his horse fell into a camouflaged pit place directly in their path. Four centaur-like females {Preparer’s Note: Possibly Wood Nymphs} appeared, as if out of nowhere, armed and determined to protect their territory. It was only due to the quick wit and diplomacy of Feend Gurz that ECHO Team was saved from another battle.

Only after explaining that the War Wolves were here to dispose of The Horde threat, did the female contingent agree to assist. After extricating Fergus and his horse from the pit, the team was led to a cave opening by their guides, who then effortlessly melted back into the forest.

Once inside the cave, the team was quickly beset by two huge ogres and four goblin archers. Germy Tanko quickly disposed of one ogre while Feend provided cover fire from the shadows and Fergus invoked Neto’s divine aid. Germy pushed his horse deeper into the cave, while Fergus dismounted to provide martial support. All this occurred under a constant barrage of arrow fire from the goblins. Fergus was able to spar with the remaining ogre for a time, but eventually was knocked unconscious, despite Feend’s unrelenting crossbow support. Seeing his teammate go down, Marshall Tanko rushed to his aid. He disposed of the remaining ogre in a flurry of blows, then knelt to administer a healing potion to Fergus. Realizing the tide of battle was turning, three of the goblins ran deeper into the cave system, leaving just one archer lone to face these dedicated instruments of Neto’s Might.

Fergus Balad, Acolyte of Neto
War Wolves, ECHO Team




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