Eons of War

Heading to the Grave

A long time ago in a land far far away…

Killian Sharpe, Feend Gurz and Germy Tanko continued with their mission to investigate the undead uprising in Farrow and the disappearance of Glank Stonehand. Before Killian was revived from death at the hands of a zombie, he heard the deep voice of Neto boom, “Don’t fail me again.”

With Germy also recovered from his wounds, the companions entered Farrow. They soon separated and headed to different parts of town to gather information about the undead. They were able to determine that the undead seemed to be rising from a nearby graveyard with flashes of light occasionally coming from a mausoleum located within.

Feend was able to convince the stable master to lend them four horses and they set out on a path to the graveyard. Their journey was interrupted when a skeleton on a skeletal horse trampled down the path toward them…



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