Eons of War

Questionable Methods

A long time ago in a land far far away…

Feend Gurz and Germy Tanko took one last look around the Farrow graveyard before heading out toward town. On the way, they smelled smoke on the wind. A shadow from the brush appeared and gave the welcome signal of a fellow member of the War Wolves. He introduced himself as Fergus Balad, a cleric in the service of Neto sent to provide backup to their current mission of investigating the undead uprising in Farrow. He told them that a group of goblins led by an orc had set fire to the town and that several townspeople were being held captive in the town square.

Feend sneaked to the area where he saw Jeriah being questioned by the orc. He shot Jeriah, killing her, as Germy and Fergus rushed in to attack the low humanoids of Rodaag. The enemies were soon dispatched and the companions urged the townsfolk to quickly douse the flames. However, they noticed that several other goblinoids had recently fled toward the woods.

The group then went to Mayor Gerrard’s home to see if he was still alive. They found him and his family in the basement. Germy and Fergus headed to the Mallard Inn to pick up the pieces after the battle. But Feend stayed behind to secretly explore the home and upon leaving, set the house ablaze with the mayor and his wife still inside…



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