Eons of War

Into the Chaos

Killian Sharpe, Feend Gurz and Germy Tanko were summoned before Priestess Martoth Ren, a high-elf Cleric and their main contact in the War Wolves. They were to set out from Fortess Khyrell in the lower reaches of Chiron to investigate a recent undead uprising in the village of Farrow located in a remote and wild corner of Neto’s dominion. In addition, a previous War Wolf, the dwarf Glank Stonehand, had not been heard from since embarking on his own investigation into Farrow three weeks ago. They were also to find out any information on the missing Glank. Having just been selected for the War Wolves and promoted to Marshal and Soldier, the three Bringers of Might knew the mission was considered low priority and not especially important to the cause against The Hordes. But their loyalty and desire to prove their worth to the War Wolves resolved them to complete the task.

After a week-long journey, they entered the Farrow Wood as the sun began to set on Antor. The narrow, unkempt wagon path through the forest provided relatively clear passage, but pot holes and wheel ruts made going slow. An hour before reaching Farrow, a pot-bellied orc shambled onto the path ahead. It wore a rope strung with hands around its neck but carried no weapons. Although there were no obvious wounds or markings, the creature had the pale eyes and shambling gait of a zombie. And to their further horror, the hands let go of the necklace, fell to the ground and began scrambling toward them…



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