Female Tiefling Wild Magic Sorceress

I have no memories of my parents. As a Tiefling infant, I was abandoned, right in the middle of a path, just a stone’s throw away from the cottage of three old women. The old women were devout Neto followers and created their harmony with nature by taking in injured or abandoned creatures of any kind. Fortunately, I was one. From them I learned kindness, independence and devotion to Neto.

The cottage was in the tree line, where the forest meets the ocean. Each day I would watch the ships leave and wish I was on one. I knew I was “different” and wanted to seek a connection to my past. I knew there were answers out there.

When I was 14, I crossed paths with a huge papa brown bear. He charged towards me. My first instinct was to put my arms up over my face. When I did, electricity went through my whole body and fire came from the palms of my hands. I burnt that bear to a crisp and cut off his largest claw. My good luck charm.

This awakened a fire in me and I knew I needed to leave right away. Not only did I need to know about my past, I needed a greater understanding of these magical powers. I also knew the old women would be mortified at what I had done and would not accept my magical abilities. So, I snuck into the cottage to collect what few things I had and ran to the docks.

I tried to board the first ship I found, or any ship… with no luck… until I saw a familiar face. An old man that would occasionally make trades with the old women. He was a cook on a small pirate ship. He offered me passage but only to the next stop. I accepted. Before we even made it to the next stop, the ship was attacked. Fortunately, fire shot from my hands again, saving the crew and earning me some usefulness. Needless to say, I spent the next five years pirating, seeking my past and learning more about my magical craft.

I lucked out in that the small pirate crew was, for the most part, a band of jolly drunkards that have been quite content just doing a little looting and getting by. I do not mind doing “bad things” if it is for the greater good in the end. As I was taught my devotion still lies with Neto. I knew that I had a purpose and someday my magical powers would be used to prove that devotion.

While doing my evening chores on our ship, I was approached by acolytes and asked to join the War Wolves in an investigation of the uprising of the undead. I gathered my items and left with them.

I was walked to the crossroads in front of the town of Farrow. I could see smoke in the distance. While sneaking down the path into the city I had to sneak past a wild boar… twice. I also had to slay three bats with magic missiles. Finally, I approached a crown gathered around a group of dead bodies… crying for their loved ones. The mayor of Farrow was holding his dead burnt up wife. He told me that the War Wolves had headed northeast. He offered to put me up at the Mallard Inn for the night. In the morning, I left to continue northeast.

Supposedly the daughter of a high-ranking official in Neto’s army.


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