Eons of War

Celebrating a Mission Accomplished



TYPE: Routine
CLASSIFICATION: Constable (or above) EYES ONLY
FROM: War Wolves, ECHO Team:

LOCATION: Farrow and surrounding areas, Tamast Forest, Sidoniss

Having purged the caves near the village of Farrow of the [[Rodaag Wildfist } Rodaag]] threat, ECHO Team contemplated what to do next. Deputy Gurz seemed intent on continuing the wholesale slaughter of whatever remained in the caves. Marshal Tanko pondered the prospects of pressing on to the ‘Orc Abbey’ described by the goblin captive, Pothal, verses returning to Farrow to rest and resupply. Acolyte Balad disclosed the Sending Stone – his ability to communicate with War Wolves leadership – and suggested returning to Farrow to rest, transmit a message, and await further instructions. The enigmatic Teifling, Everlit, remained quiet and allusive {Preparer’s Note: Neto guide me by his golden light, I shall keep a vigilant watch over this new, mysterious aspect of our party}.

Regrouping in the main cavern, we observed clusters of goblin civilians fleeing the caves. This fact seemed to satisfy Germy that the Horde threat had been broken, but still, Feend was not convinced. The deputy decided to scout some of the side passages while the rest of the team waited at the cave opening. He returned shortly thereafter, not speaking of what he witnessed, but now seemed satisfied with the Marshal’s decision to return to Farrow.

At the village, ECHO Team immediately reported to Mayor Gerrard that the Rodaag threat had been eliminated and life there should now begin to return to normal. A celebration ensued and lasted long into the night. Neto’s benevolence was praised, friendships were enhanced, and the heavy hearts of the villagers were lifted {Preparer’s Note: To be honest, I do not remember most of the night’s celebration. I awoke in my bed the following morning, still fully dressed}.

The morning’s message from Priestess Ren directed ECHO Team to vacate Farrow and RTB; return to the Martyrium of Ren with the necromantic amulet and all situations reports in hand. Anxious to comply, Fergus rounded up the rest of the party, locating Marshal Tanko at the blacksmith’s residence {Preparer’s Note: The Marshal must have had more negotiations to conduct with her that lasted late into the night. Germy looked haggard and hungover. He must not have gotten much sleep}. Explaining we were ordered back to Sidoniss, Marshal Tanko sprang into action. He procured more mounts from the stable master (some were lost in the excursion to the caves), and after some further reconnaissance of the area to be sure no taint of Rodaag remained, ECHO Team departed Farrow. To note: War Wolves HQ Logistics Division (WW-04) should expect a Form 62-04, ‘Reimbursement of Provincial Equipment/Mounts/Material Lost in Service to Neto’, to be submitted by the mayor of Farrow for compensation of gear ECHO Team needed to complete this mission.

Requisitioning the last three remaining horses in Farrow for our trip home, Deputy Gurz was left with a burro named Night Train. After collecting the last of our gear and saying our goodbyes, ECHO Team got underway. On the first day of our expected four days of travel, the party was visited by the Centaur-like females that helped us uncover the mouth of the Horde cave. They left a gift for Deputy Gurz on the road ahead of us before sprinting off into the forest, a pair of fine leather gloves. The second day was uneventful but on the third day, while traveling through the Tamast Forest, the party was beset by creatures resembling small, yellow dragons. They emitted a weird, child-like laughter and seemed to take delight in confounding and harassing the party. After failing to confront the creatures directly, ECHO Team moved on as quickly as we could. But that night Marshal Tanko awoke to the braying of Night Train. Feend was gone and it seemed his new mount was worried for him. We searched the surrounding forest and eventually found the deputy sitting stoic and cross-armed in front of a huge fire, seemingly of his own creation. When pressed, he would not speak of why he had wandered off from the camp, and eventually we all returned and slept the rest of the night uneventfully.

Finally, on the fourth day, ECHO Team arrived at the glorious, shining metropolis of Sidoniss, beacon of Neto’s righteousness and might. Upon reporting to the Martyrium of Ren, ECHO Team debriefed the Priestess, each in turn. Even the mysterious Everlit was granted a private audience in the Priestess’ chamber. Our situation reports were compiled and presented.

The team was given R&R until our the next mission brief. In the meantime, we are free to enjoy the luxuries of Sidoniss and our stations in the War Wolves. Neto be praised!

Fergus Balad, Acolyte of Neto
War Wolves, ECHO Team

FORM 11-03



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