Eons of War

Dropping Like Orcs

A long time ago in a land far far away…

Marshal Killian Sharpe, Deputy Soldier Feend Gurz and Marshal Germy Tanko headed toward the town of Farrow on their way to investigate a recent undead uprising and find work for the missing Glank Stonehand. On the journey, the three War Wolves encountered an orc zombie shambling onto their path. Animated claws dropped from a string around the orc’s neck and all the undead attacked.

The zombie proved to be a formidable foe, dropping Killian and Germy, but Feend was able to eventually finish off the foes. Feend was able to keep Germy alive, but Killian fell into death. Fortunately, Feend was able to find help from the town acolyte, Jeriah. Although Feend did not appreciate the strange pagan wards posted around her home, he allowed her to revive Killian, but the exertion caused her to sink to the ground in exhaustion…



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