Eons of War

The Goblin Caves



TYPE: Supplemental
CLASSIFICATION: Constable (or above) EYES ONLY
FROM: War Wolves, ECHO Team:
Germy Tanko, Marshal
Feend Gurz, Deputy Soldier
Fergus Balad, Acolyte
Everlit (Association UNKNOWN)

LOCATION: Cave system NW of Farrow, Horde raiding party lair

After tracking the blasphemous disciples of Rodaag to a cave system uncovered northeast of Farrow, ECHO Team decimating a pair of Ogres foolish enough to stand against the War Wolves. As the last vestiges of resistance disappeared deeper into the cave, Marshal Tanko, Deputy Gurz, and Acolyte Balad all felt inexplicably uplifted. They realized the hard-fought battles and unraveled mysteries of the last few days were fueling their talents, increasing their abilities to better serve His Most Mighty, Neto.

They quickly secured the main chamber, noting several side passages while searching for evidence of the foul deeds perpetrated by Rodaag’s forces. Without warning, a female Tiefling appeared and made her presence known. She explained her name was Everlit, and had been instructed to join our group in Farrow. Although lacking key information that would indicate association to the War Wolves, Everlit was accepted into the group by Marshal Tanko {Preparer’s Note: Submit Form 24-02, ‘Personnel File Request and Background Check’, for Everlit upon return to Fortress of Might to determine group affiliation and chain-of-command}. The Marshal reasoned her magical aptitude would prove useful in the coming battles {Preparer’s Note: To be fair, her charm and allure made it difficult to dismiss her outright}.

ECHO Team moved outside to a nearby stand of trees in order to inform Everlit of the current situation and discuss strategies. After an hour, the team reentered the cave refreshed. They then investigated the chamber to determine the most heavily trafficked passage, hoping it would lead to the remaining Horde opposition.

After finding the most promising passage, Deputy Gurz scouted ahead using the shadows to his advantage. The passage soon ended at an intersection. As Feend contemplated, a goblin emerged on his right, scimitar at the ready. Feend tumbled away into the darkness, alerting Germy to the presence of danger. The Marshal sprinted forward and sent his axe flying at the goblin. The enchanted weapon buried itself into the filthy creature’s skull; and as the goblin slumped to the ground, the axe magically returned to Germy’s hand.

Feend continued down the left passage a short distance before entering a small cave containing several goblin elderly and children. Anxious to discover the remaining Rodaag threat, Feend began to vigorously question the occupants {Preparer’s Note: While his enthusiasm is appreciated, some of Deputy Gurz’ activities border on zealotry. I will continue to monitor his conduct and attempt to defuse any malevolent situations}. It soon became apparent which passage led to the goblin leader of the Horde contingent; and his name, Hark. Marshal Tanko took Fergus and Everlit back to the main chamber, while Feend scouted the surrounding passages.

Eventually, the party regrouped and prepared to confront Hark and his guards. Moving into position Feend quickly scouted the room; identifying Hark, four of his personal guard, and one of the goblin archers from the initial skirmish at the cave opening. Deputy Gurz immediately loosed a firebolt at Hark, landing a devastating blow. But the vile goblin maintained his footing. Marshal Tanko entered the room and engaged the two closest guards, quickly felling one. Acolyte Balad called out to Neto for divine assistance and a glowing, spectral warhammer appeared in the room to lend its holy might to the conflict. Even Everlit entered the fray, moving into the room so she might use her arcane arts against these defilers of Neto’s Will.

Marshal Tanko barked an order that one of the enemies should be taken alive. A moment later Hark rushed toward Everlit; perhaps an attempt at a getaway, perhaps to maul the seemingly weakest member of the party. This was a poor calculation on Hark’s part. Three crackling balls of energy appeared at Everlit’s side and streaked across the room into the chest of the charging goblin. He fell in a heap and moved no more. The rest of the guards were quickly dispatched, and luckily, the Marshal was able to subdue the goblin archer by knocking him unconscious with the flat of his axe head.

After ECHO Team secured Hark’s chamber, the captured goblin was revived and questioned. His gave his name as Pothal, and he was quick to divulge that the Horde contingent in this area was under the leadership of an orc named Longtusk, and that he had recently departed for the Orc Abbey one week’s ride away. {Preparer’s Note: This information was gained with Gurz’ knife firmly pressed against the prisoner’s neck}. When asked about the rest of the cave system, Pothal told of ‘bats and dark oozes’ to the east. While questioning the goblin, Fergus noticed a narrow passage in the back of the cave. Following it, he discovered a small, empty room with a coffer sitting on the floor. Fergus took the coffer and returned to the party.

At this point, ECHO Team has several courses of action to decide upon. They include:

  • Finish clearing the cavern of Rodaag’s Horde filth
  • Track the loathsome orc Longtusk to the abbey Pothal described
  • Return to Farrow to rest and regroup
  • Report back to the Fortress of Might, for refitting and follow-on mission brief

Fergus Balad, Acolyte of Neto
War Wolves, ECHO Team

FORM 11-03



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